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May 28 2016

Performing at 9PM Beechbrook Campground.

Jun 02 2016

Performing at Cannan Country Music Festival.

Aug 13 2016

Performing at 9PM Beechbrook Campground.

Oct 01 2016

Performing at 9PM Beechbrook Campground.



Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I come from a family with a rich musical history and my mother has a beautiful voice. I've been told by the elders in my community that I sound just like my grandfather. The words, "Play it again Don Kline" were spoken many times in the small community of Purcell's Cove, Nova Scotia. Life circumstances have taken me on many journeys and a few different locations. I knew a regular job wasn't going to provide my creative side with nearly enough room and my creative side was having a tough time paying the bills so they decided to compromise. In 1996 I learned to drive the Big Rigs and found peace on the highways. Solitude and long hours on the road left a lot of time for expression. I found writing therapeutic and it helped me to cope with being away from my family and friends.

  I always sang and I love to write but never shared my songs with other people. They were private. In 2005 I drove straight across the beautiful country of Canada and back and when I got home I realized I had picked up a passenger along the way. That passenger still travels with me everyday and that is my desire to sing for people. I entered every contest I could; I won a few and I lost a few but I enjoyed them all. The next year I recorded and released my first original song and I can still remember hearing myself on the radio for the first time. The radio play led to a series of local shows and festivals for the next few years. The support I received from my family and friends will always be remembered and continues to this day. I love you all very much.

  All those highway miles soon added up to a trip to Nashville. 2010 was a year to remember and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with the talented musicians that I met on that journey. In 2012 I had my finished product titled, "Just the Way You like It" along with my first National release in March. I sang my way onto CMT for the series, "Big in a Small Town" and released my third single, "It Still Hurts" to National radio in January 2013.

  I think I've finally found a way to balance my love for the peace that the highway provides with the joy music brings to my life. I see more songs, more music and more miles in my future. I see myself heading across this beautiful country again but for this trip the Big Rig will stay home and my voice will log the miles. I'm looking forward to the future and meeting you along the way.




Just The Way You Like It

1. Black Coffee 3:33
2. What's One More Day 3:59
3. Small Town Politics 3:46
4. She's the River 3:40
5. Damn That Dress 3:23
6. It Still Hurts 4:44
7. Just the Way You Like It 4:14
8. Wouldn't Mama Be Proud 4:22
9. My Greatest Claim to Fame 3:56
10. You Move Me 3:46
11. Tell Me Now That I Ain't Country 3:19

Get Er Done

1. Get Er Done 3:44
2. Bring It On 3:55
3. I Met George Jones Today 3:15
4. I Didn't Know 3:56
5. Long Tall Sally 3:24
6. I Don't Wanna Go 4:00
7. Smooth 3:09
8. You Gotta Move On 3:53
9. The Long Ride 4:14
10. What A Waste Of A Life 3:41



"Wouldn't Mama Be Proud"

"Big In A Small Town"


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